• Gideon Brown

Wealth Is Who You Are, Not What You Have

The greatest lesson I learned about wealth is that wealth is a mindset. Wealth is not captured in material things like cars, houses, and bank accounts. Wealth are the skills, principles, experiences, and knowledge that I have processed and activated in my thought processes through life and different experiences.

For instance, an acquaintance DM'd me this month about a certain tool that she needed to add to her website and if she used this tool on the her website, it was going to cost her extra. When she asked me about the tool, I gave her another option to use that would allow her to save a whole lot of money for that one tool she needed for her website. When I enlightened her about the tool, she was so grateful for my expertise and her opportunity to save money.

The information that I was able to share with her was processed from my experience or should I say my wealth of information that I accessed because I built my own website.

Now, if I were to document and record every detail I gathered from building my website and sold that information or used that information as a tutorial to help others to build there own websites or to build websites for others, my website building experience would make me wealthy and I would be able to monetize my information to materialize it into wealth.

Just think about it. What is it about your past experiences, your life, your expertise, and your life's journey that makes you and expert? I don't care if that experience was bad, or unpleasant. How can your experiences help some one? How can you monetize your life experiences if you had no tangible skill that your trained in? How can you take a lemon and turn it into lemonade? How can you take a bad hand that has been dealt to you and turn it into a winning hand? Once you discover that, then you will become a wealthy person. It's starts with you!! Take Action....

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