• Gideon Brown

What Is An “Ill-Informed Forex Trader?”

My educational and business platform is very purpose driven. My business is specifically geared towards ill informed traders in the Forex Market.

You may ask me, why do you only have a specific bias towards ill informed forex traders? Well, I’m glad you asked!!

Ill-informed forex traders are very peculiar. Ill-informed traders are not beginners and ill-informed forex traders are not yet forex master traders yet. I’ll-informed Forex traders are right in the middle. They are not beginners but on their way to becoming Master Forex traders.

The number one thing that ill-informed traders know is that forex trading works but they have not fully wrapped their brains around it yet. They know it makes sense but the light build has not come on yet....😳

There are 3 Major issues that all forex traders have to overcome and that’s:

  1. Greed

  2. Fear

  3. Personal Anxieties

Those 3 major emotional states must be overcome by every trader because those 3 emotions will teach you the dysfunctional thoughts and habits that you possess, that block your mental spaces from developing wealth. This is why most traders go into forex for convenience or should I say a get rich quick solution because the forex market is volatile.

An ill informed forex trader has been in forex long enough to either break even on his or her trading efforts or has made a little money to know that forex can work and that it is profitable.

The 3 Major ingredients that all ill-informed forex traders need to succeed is:

  1. A mentor

  2. A strategy

  3. A certain mindset

The Forex Doctor is the educational platform that will assist you with a remedy for financial health through mentorship and a profitable winning strategy. The Forex Doctor will also challenge you to evolve into a master forex trader by coaching you on a particular mindset training module.

The Forex Doctor provides products and services that will make your forex trading profitable.

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